Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta

An ancient inscription puts the date of construction at 639, in the Byzantine period, by the order of the “Esarca ravennate Isaacio”. It is held that the church was only for devotion, and was then renovated and restored, following the ever-greater movement towards Torcello and became a bishopric. The inside is built around three naves separated by two lines of columns and retains a splendid mosaic floor, the throne of the bishop of Altino and the sarcophagus containing the remains of Sant’Eliodoro, the first bishop of Altino. Apart from the notable mosaics in the apses, we can see the 11th –or-12th- century “Unversal Judgement” which decorates the rear of the facade. In front of the Basilica can be seen the vestiges of a 7th- century baptistery.

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