The Eagle Flight

11 February 2018
Even for 2018 Carnival edition, the show of the flight of the Eagle, “Volo dell’Aquila” will return with another spectacular flight from the bell tower to the stage in San Marco Square.
Who will play the 2018 Eagle? The protagonist chosen for the 2017 flight was Melissa Satta. He has enriched this project with new contents, affirming the choice made years ago to establish this second flight from the bell tower, the protagonists of which have been, over the years, Fabrizia D’Ottavio, Francesca Piccinini, Carolina Kostner, Giusy Versace and Saturnino Celani, the most famous italian bass player.
The 2017 dess concept Nicola Formichetti per Diesel
Dress made by Atelier Pietro Longhi