Tamara Kvesitadze

Tamara Kvesitadze’s art pieces skillfully illustrate the instinct of a human being to synchronize his existence with the rhythms of the universe. Her works are not merely moving, but the action similar to the evolvement of the ornamental plot also occurs. The principle of cyclic rotation (pulsation) is even felt in the statical figures created by the artist. They strongly include the sense of grotesque in its initial meaning. This principle meets the main condition of the ornament: reversion to the starting point after passing all stages of biological transformation – from a simple condition to a complex metaphysical state. Regardless of very ordinary fears concerning the future metamorphosis of a human being into a biological automation, these objects remind us of our mechanical basis to be in a complete co-existence with the Great Machine. In this way the mechanical origin keeps the biological end of a human being away.