Daniele Nitti Sotres

“Esoscultura is the quest for a plastic solution created around a mass, a spirit linked to the roots of the earth. Fragments suspended, captured, elevated or constricted, surrounded by geometry that speaks to the void, it expands in the air, on the ground, in space. Geometry as man’s ideal tool, as a reflexive activity or as the constrictions of our thoughts”. Stone is the energy core of the craft, a solid and material emtity from which ideas, construction games, composition balances. What Nitti Sotres suggests is basically a sense-changing movement, opposite to the common view. The craft begins at this stage where its construction starts: from this elevated point the structure begins to be generated. It is a structure that renews the atmosphere, generates new planes, emphasising void and full spaces within our vision. The constructive goal is the physical representation of the unlimited possibilities of space, held within the natural elements. Stone, in its natural state, communicates with an ordered and geometrical space: as in real life, geometry gently caresses the most intimate secrets. Esosculture measures solid and light, full and empty, material and immaterial, natural and rational shapes. It represents the erosion caused by air, like the temporary traces of life. It is a void still to be filled.